CiviClick: Grassroots Advocacy Software

CiviClick is a reliable and modern grassroots advocacy software at its finest. With so many legacy vendors to choose from, CiviClick exists to bring digital advocacy, public affairs, and government relations professionals innovative technology solutions that are as forward-thinking as they are easy-to-use.

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The first and best AI-Powered grassroots advocacy platform

With CIviClick’s state of the art technology and artificial intelligence message assistance, clients can create custom advocate segments that actively increase engagement and reward participation.

When you partner with CiviClick, you say goodbye to useless form letters, broken integrations, confusing analytics, bad legislative data, and slow customer service. CiviClick helps you reach the right decision-makers with the best message to deliver winning results for your campaigns.

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Our Technology Significantly Elevates the Way Advocacy Campaigns are Conducted

CiviClick helps you reach the right decision-makers with the best message to deliver winning results for your campaigns.

Auto-Filled Webforms

  • Auto-populates advocate data into customizable web forms.
  • Increases advocate conversion rates by an average of 23%.
  • Reduces “Time Required to Take Action” by 3-8 seconds.

Omni-channel Communications

  • Allows for the simultaneous and instant submission of Email, Fax, Facebook and Twitter messages to elected officials with “One Click” of a button.
  • Social media messages are posted directly to elected officials’ Facebook pages and Twitter walls instantly.

Patch-Through Calls

  • Our system connects advocates with elected officials with just one click.
  • Advocacy calls are tracked by advocate, legislators contacted, and call duration.
  • Record a custom voice greeting with instructions for your advocates.

AI Powered Automatic Message Generator

  • Auto-Randomizing
  • Unlimited subject lines & message bodies
  • 86% greater chance messages of not being flagged as a form email by legislative staff.
  • Smart Targeting Ability: Republican vs. Democrat

Text Messages & Mobile Keywords

  • Advocates who text you receive links to automated action alerts, surveys, or fundraising appeals.
  • Our advocacy tools are mobile responsive so advocates can take action directly from their IPhone, Android, or tablet.
  • Text the word “Advocate” to 313131 to receive a sample link for a mobile action alert.

Video Messages to Elected Officials

  • Advocates can activate the camera in their iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, or desktop to record up to 30 second video messages that can be sent directly to elected officials.
  • Videos are submitted into a queue for approval prior to delivery to elected officials to ensure quality control.
  • Elected officials can access a unique portal to view video messages.

Photo Messages to Elected Officials

  • Advocates upload personalized pictures of themselves to create a digital campaign card.
  • Go for the “wow factor” with elected officials by delivering hundreds of personalized campaign cards from your advocates digitally or via hard copy.
  • Add custom information like political affiliation, voter registration status and campaign contribution history.

Target decision-makers with a winning message

Reach lawmakers through email, text, video, phone, social media, and photo messages from your organization’s advocates — all with the push of a button from your smart phone.

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Amplify the reach and effectiveness of your campaign with our data and pay-for-performance marketing solutions.

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Don’t just take it from us

  • CiviClick enables us to reach lawmakers in ways other advocacy tools have never allowed. It is truly unique in its ability to leverage AI technology to create more meaningful engagement. CiviClick’s suite of technology tools is unrivaled and has helped turbo-charge our advocacy campaigns.

    Saul Anuzis - President American Association of Senior Citizens
  • Chazz and Chris at CiviClick have saved us again and again whenever we have a new campaign that needs to launch in minutes, not days. We are very impressed with CiviClick's attention to messaging strategy, targeting, technical chops, and their rapid response customer support.

    Jonathan Villar- Marketing ManagerDigital Restaurant Association

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