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Tired of paying for useless impressions or having Meta restrict your ads because they are too political? Need to drive thousands of emails or petition signatures to Congress or a State Legislature? How about thousands of regulatory comments to the FDA? Hundreds of phone calls or videos to the Mayor of LA? How about pledges to testify at a New York City Council meeting? If you answered yes to any of these questions; then try CiviBoost. You won’t regret. It kicks total…well you know.

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Guaranteed Response Programs

CiviClick will market your policy initiatives to our own proprietary database of over 28 million people across the United States.

We reach our audience through email, text messages, live operator phone calls, social media, display field canvassing, and hundreds of web properties that we manage and maintain through out network.

We can help you with email list acquisition, regulatory commenting campaigns, legislative advocacy campaigns, ballot initiatives, petitions, referendums, independent expenditures, etc.

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Recruit High-Performing Advocates Who Consistently Take Action on Your Policy Issues.

CiviClick helps you target the best advocates with the right policy messages to spark action and drive residual engagement.

Multi-Million Person Database

CiviClick maintains one of the largest closed audience databases of activists in the nation. Each activist is tagged by their individual policy interests. Through partnerships with leading data companies abs publishers, we are able to expand our already enormous reach even further to give you access to the most incredible network of online activists available.

Direct Marketing

We can reach potential advocates by email, peer-to-peer text, live operator phone calls, display or social media advertising, and field canvassing. Almost no audience (except the man on the moon and the nation of Wakanda) is beyond our reach.

Pay for Performance

Only pay for actual conversions — not impressions. No more set up fees, ad creative fees, project retainers, or charges for useless activity that doesn’t amount to anything. It’s as simple as saying “I need 15,000 advocates to email Congress by the end of week to save funding for XYZ.” Our answer is “Cool, let’s do it. We’ll get you to 15k on time or your money back.”

Policy Interest Tags

CiviBoost has over 89 policy interest tags ranging in interest from cannabis and sports betting to abortion and second amendment rights. We also track party affiliation, age, gender, religious affiliation, and dozens of other key data points to help you target only the best advocates.

State-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence

When you partner with CiviClick, you say goodbye to useless form letters, broken integrations, confusing analytics, bad legislative data, and slow customer service. CiviClick helps you reach the right decision-makers with the best message to deliver winning results for your campaigns.

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Target decision-makers with a winning message

Reach lawmakers through email, text, video, phone, social media, and photo messages from your organization’s advocates — all with the push of a button from your smart phone.

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CiviClick Grassroots Advocacy Software: Create custom advocate segments that actively increase engagement and reward participation.

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Don’t just take it from us

  • CiviClick enables us to reach lawmakers in ways other advocacy tools have never allowed. It is truly unique in its ability to leverage AI technology to create more meaningful engagement. CiviClick’s suite of technology tools is unrivaled and has helped turbo-charge our advocacy campaigns.

    Saul Anuzis - President American Association of Senior Citizens
  • Chazz and Chris at CiviClick have saved us again and again whenever we have a new campaign that needs to launch in minutes, not days. We are very impressed with CiviClick's attention to messaging strategy, targeting, technical chops, and their rapid response customer support.

    Jonathan Villar- Marketing ManagerDigital Restaurant Association

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