CiviClick exists to bring revolutionary data and technology solutions to public affairs professionals for use in their daily professional life


Our mission

We get it. No one wants to click another “Take Action Now!” email. With modern AI, machine learning, and gamification technology, CiviClick aims to disrupt the traditional (and often ineffective) advocacy methods utilized by most legacy technology vendors in the industry today.

By celebrating your advocates with rewarding points, praise, and direct acknowledgement for their commitment to your organization’s policy issues, CiviClick radically transforms the user experience for both public affairs professionals and the advocates they serve.

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CiviClick was built by former campaign veterans, political consultants, and public affairs practitioners with decades of first-hand experience in technology, politics, public affairs, and government relations.

We exist at the intersection of data, technology, public affairs and grassroots advocacy. Our founders have many industry trophies and the battle scars to testify to our dogged determination to win. Our perspective is unique, because we have approached our product design with input from those on the frontline: Hill Staffers, political campaign operatives, lobbyists, and grassroots advocacy professionals.


CiviClick’s leadership team has won numerous awards for excellence in public affairs campaigning, advocacy advertising, web design, and technology.


  • To disrupt a system of high-cost legacy vendors

    by doubling down on grassroots-centric technology for building, scaling, advertising, and launching digital advocacy campaigns.

  • To introduce ground-breaking AI, machine learning, and gamification technology

    that will modernize the way advocates communicate with lawmakers. Move to the head of the pack with advanced technology solutions that truly make your campaign of "special interest" to lawmakers (pun intended).

  • To make advocacy fun again

    When was the last time you enjoyed getting an action alert? CiviClick makes advocacy fun, engaging, and highly interactive, using the Octalysis Framework.

  • To enable organizations to scale the growth of their advocate communities

    through gamification, surveys, social listening, community building activities, and access to CiviClick's 58-million-person database of online activists.


Our Business Philosophy

CiviClick operates with a core foundational belief in equality and free speech. We stand firmly against the trend embraced by many SaaS companies of “de-platforming” customers because they hold unpopular opinions.

While we embrace everyone’s right to talk freely about their issues and beliefs, we do not tolerate racism, sexism, or discrimination toward any group on the basis of ethnicity, race, culture, sexual orientation, or religion.