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CiviClick and Its One-of-a-Kind Services

February 285 minutes to read
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At the risk of sounding immodest, when we launched CiviClick this past year, it signaled a new era in advocacy and public affairs. Our aim was, and still is, to disrupt traditional, and often ineffective, advocacy methods by leveraging revolutionary, AI-powered technological tools. What may have seemed like a lark is now a revolutionary way to conduct business, as many of our clients will attest.

There are a few reasons for our success. First, we have an incredibly talented and creative team—former political consultants, campaign veterans and public affairs practitioners with decades of first-hand experience in technology, politics and government relations.

Second, we continually develop our technological tools with input and feedback from our frontline partners, people working in both the public and private sectors: CEOs, executive directors, Hill staffers, campaign operatives, lobbyists and grassroots advocates.

Third, we operate a platform featuring state-of-the-art technology. No more useless form letters, bad legislative data, confusing analytics or slow customer service. We’ve helped clients connect with decision-makers, influence policy and improve their communities faster and more effectively than ever.

And we’re just getting started. With that mind, we’d like to share with anyone not acquainted with CiviClick information on the many services we offer.

Advocacy Software

Our AI-powered advocacy software is ground-breaking. It allows us to deliver forward-thinking, easy-to-use technology to a wide variety of clients, among them companies, digital advocates, government relations professionals, nonprofits and trade associations. With CiviClick’s tech tools, which include gamification modules, clients create customized advocacy that perpetually ramps up engagement and rewards participation.

We also help them optimize their messaging, by pinpointing only relevant supporters and decision-makers. But the devil, as they say, is in the details. So here’s what else CiviClick’s AI-powered advocacy software is capable of:

  • Omni-channel engagement with all levels of lawmakers and regulators—local, state, federal and international.
  • Reports on advocate activities using advanced filtering options, including policy interests, custom tags, past engagement and advocate scoring.
  • Segmenting lawmakers into customized audiences for thank-and-spank campaigns and targeting by party affiliation or voting history.
  • A/B testing of machine learning modules and survey tools to accurately identify a client’s best messaging strategy.
  • Connecting clients with lawmakers and regulators via phone calls, emails, texts, videos, photos and social media.

Pay-for-Performance Marketing

Our clients are passionate about their causes. But if their messaging isn’t reaching the right people—be it advocates, tree-shakers, lawmakers or all three—few, if any, will hear what they have to say. Which is why CiviClick offers “pay-for-performance” data and advertising solutions, to help clients expand their reach by attracting the right advocates to generate momentum for their campaigns.

One big arrow in our quiver is an owned audience of more than 85 million activists in both the United States and Canada. This gives us the ability to advertise any grassroots advocacy campaign to a vast pool of potential advocates focused on 40-plus policy issues.

CiviClick’s pay-for-performance program also enables clients to customize and target their audiences through emails, text messages, phone calls, direct mail, social media ads, display ads, and hundreds of web properties in our partner network. It’s a service that benefits the client in many ways, ranging from email list acquisition to ballot initiatives to regulatory advocacy campaigns.

And what we call our Guaranteed Response Program, ensures the following:

  • A locked-in price on a “cost per conversion” basis. Clients only pay for the people who convert.
  • The modality of channel conversion, such as a phone call or an email from a constituent to an elected official, is selected by the client.
  • Conversions occur within a predetermined time frame during a campaign’s scheduled flight dates.
  • Secure tracking of the timestamp, physical address and IP address of each action-taker to prove the conversion is real and valid.
  • Each person who converts resides in a geographic region and matches a demographic profile chosen by the client.

Campaign Management

When a campaign is up and running, there’s no time to worry about whether you have all your ducks in a row. Which is why CiviClick offers a tailored service that helps clients manage their campaign and methodically, not haphazardly, execute the tasks critical to success.

Our talented team of campaign veterans knows from experience that you need quite a few crucial items to win a legislative advocacy campaign: data, planning, strong messaging and omni-channel engagement, covering the grassroots and the grasstops. Those same vets guide clients through the whole process, from budgeting to hiring vendors to deploying data solutions.

They’re the campaign operatives you want on your side to build an audience and execute integrated public affairs campaigns. And they handle it all: copywriting, messaging, strategy, audience segmentation, campaign planning, legislative research and more. They really are a dream team: seasoned advocacy professionals who are also digital advocacy practitioners.

State & Local Lobbyist Referrals

There’s one other service not everyone needs, but it’s certainly advisable in some cases—lobbyists. And if a client isn’t sure who’s the best to hire for local, state or federal policy issues, CiviClick can help, from coast to coast.

We have extensive relationships with lobbying firms in all 50 states, and can make recommendations based on political connections, policy issue areas, region of influence, retainer fee costs, roster of past/present customers and size/reach of the firm.

Here’s what clients receive as part of the service:

  • A database of the most trusted and successful local, state, and federal lobbyists in the United States and Canada.
  • Unique survey tools to match organizations with the best lobbyist for specific policy issues.
  • Testimonials, biographies, client registrations and “top lobbyist” badges—reserved for the top 10% in our database.
  • A call with the lobbyist of the client’s choice to discuss policy issues.


While we’ve presented you with an overview of the services CiviClick offers, we’d like to add that, as a disruptor in the public affairs and advocacy space, we tailor those services to the needs of each client. And in every case, we leverage ground-breaking AI and gamification technology to modernize the ways in which advocates communicate with lawmakers. 

As effective as that advocacy is, we also ensure that it’s fun, engaging and highly interactive. Plus, we enable our clients to grow their advocate communities via technology, surveys, social listening, community-building activities and access to our vast database of online activists.

Anyone working with CiviClick not only possesses the best technological tools available; they’re backed by in-depth expertise and an army’s worth of advocates. Working with CiviClick is like tapping a bottomless well of water that will help grow and sustain your organization for however long it takes to realize your goals.