An AI-Powered Content Boom Is Coming to Advocacy

Advocacy tech is getting its own AI race with the newly launched CiviClick aiming to challenge established companies like Quorum and Speak4.

The platform, launched by Chazz Clevinger, wants to appeal to advocacy clients, partly, because of its ability to offer clients content variation, created from “a proprietary blend of different AI technology platforms.”

How Does It work?

The way CiviClick works is the client prompts the platform with a default message or a default document the AI uses to determine the most appropriate messaging strategy based on who the targets of the campaign are.

“If a public affairs professional is running an issue advocacy campaign and wants to generate content specific to an individual lawmaker or group of lawmakers based on their voting history or their personalities, they can generate content that is more conservative leaning, more progressive leaning, that is more logical in its tone or happy or angry,” Clevinger told C&E. “It can take into account things like regional dialect — speaking like someone from South Boston would speak. There’s a lot of different variations and layers to the way that we have designed the technology.”

Ultimately, this content curation is what Clevinger believes will help set his platform apart from the advocacy tech competition: “AI is helping to achieve a much greater degree of content variation for the clients that we’re working with,” he said.