CiviClick: Grassroots Advocacy Software

CiviClick is reliable and modern grassroots advocacy software at its finest. With so many legacy vendors to choose from, CiviClick exists to bring digital advocacy, public affairs, and government relations professionals innovative technology solutions that are as forward-thinking as they are easy-to-use.

Our technology is the first AI-powered stakeholder mobilization platform of its kind. With CiviClick’s state-of-the-art technology and gamification modules, clients can create custom advocate segments that actively increase engagement and reward participation.

When you partner with CiviClick, you say goodbye to useless form letters, broken integrations, confusing analytics, bad legislative data, and slow customer service. CiviClick helps you reach the right decision-makers with the best message to deliver winning results for your campaigns.

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Our programs include:

Omni-channel engagement to local, state, federal, and international lawmakers and regulators.
A/B testing, machine learning modules, and survey tools to accurately identify your best messaging strategy.
Segment lawmakers into custom audiences for thank and spank campaigns or targeting by party affiliation or voting history.
Report on advocate activities using advanced filtering options, including custom tags, past engagement, advocate scoring, and policy issue areas of interest.
Connect with lawmakers and regulators through petitions, emails, phone calls, videos, photos, faxes, letters, and social media.

CiviBoost: Pay-for-Performance Advertising

The sad reality of advocacy is that it doesn’t matter how important, even earth-shattering, your message is if you can’t get lawmakers to listen. That’s where CiviBoost comes in. We offer “pay-for-performance” data and advertising solutions to help you expand your reach by attracting the right advocates to generate momentum for your campaign.


With an owned audience of over 85 million activists in the United States and Canada, we can advertise your grassroots advocacy campaign to a vast pool of potential advocates with interest tags for over 40 policy issues.

CiviBoost gives you the opportunity to build custom audiences and target supporters through emails, text messages, live operator phone calls, direct mail, social media ads, display ads, and hundreds of web properties within our partner network. It’s a great service for email list acquisition, petition campaigns, regulatory advocacy campaigns, legislative advocacy campaigns, legal case acquisition, independent expenditures, ballot initiatives, political campaigns, and more.

Our CiviBoost program includes:

  • Guaranteed Petition Signatures
  • Guaranteed Email List Acquisition
  • Guaranteed Emails to Lawmakers from Constituents
  • Guaranteed Regulatory Comments to a Federal Docket
  • Guaranteed Phone Calls to Lawmakers from Constituents

Our Guaranteed Response Programs ensure the following:


CiviManage: Campaign Management Services

Do you ever feel like the only way you’ll ever get everything done is by cloning yourself? We do. Which is why we created CiviManage – a tailored service that helps you manage your campaign and methodically execute the tasks most critical to its success.

Winning legislative advocacy campaigns require data, planning, strong messaging, and omni-channel engagement with a focus on grasstops and grassroots. Our team of campaign veterans is here to guide you through the process from start to finish; from budgeting, to hiring vendors, to deploying data solutions.

Meet with our peer network of seasoned advocacy, government relations, public affairs, and political professionals for assistance with your toughest public affairs challenges. Build your audience with campaign operatives who have decades of experience conducting integrated public affairs campaigns.


CiviManage includes any (or all) of the following:

  • Strategy
  • Canvassing
    Media Planning
  • Communications
    Survey Research
    Message Testing
  • Data Acquisition
    Web Development
    Digital Advertising
  • Live Operator Calls
    Campaign Management
    Grassroots Audits/Toolkits

CiviRefer: State & Local Lobbyist Referrals

Don’t know the right lobbyist to hire for your state and local policy issues? CiviRefer connects you with the best state and local lobbyists from coast to coast.

We have extensive relationships with lobbying firms in all 50 states, and can make recommendations based on lawmaker relationships, policy issue areas of expertise, region of influence, depth of political connections, cost of retainer fees, roster of past/present customers, and size/reach of the firm.

Sign up for a demo to learn more about CiviRefer. We will find you a qualified lobbyist in 10 days or less or the search is free.

What you get when you choose CiviRefer:

  • 01
    Unique survey tools for matching organizations to the best lobbyist for their specific policy issues.
  • 02
    Testimonials, biographies, client registrations, and “top lobbyist” badges – reserved for the top 10% of lobbyists in our database.
  • 03
    Database of the most trusted and successful local, state, and federal lobbyists in the United States and Canada.
  • 04
    Book a call with the lobbyist of your choice from within the app to discuss your policy issues.